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Renaissance in concert

Renaissance - Sight & Sound concert (BBC 1977)
Annie Haslam is so cool. :) British progressive rock of the 1970s is the sonic essence of my wayward youth and the strongest of genres for my personal nostalgic feelings. I remain unashamedly a fan. 
At one Renaissance concert in America, an enthusiastic fan cheered, "Go get 'em, Annie!" Annie had a little fun with that: looking from side to side, she said, "Go get what? What do you want me to get?" My sister was there and thought that was hilarious.
The compositions of Renaissance were the equals of anything by Yes and Genesis. The differences being that Yes had a hyper-flamboyant keyboardist in Rick Wakeman and a hyper-virtuosic guitarist in Steve Howe; Genesis had a hyper-creative and theatrical frontman in Peter Gabriel. There was nothing hyper about Renaissance. They just made good music (and languished in obscurity).
On "Can You Hear Me?" the guitarist is shown using his thumb to assist his other fingers in fretting chords on his 12-string. That's supposed to be a no-no on guitar. But some do it anyway (don't ask me how I know this, or I'll have to incriminate myself...). To be fair, the 12-string guitar's neck is so wide, I can't blame anyone for resorting to their thumb, because it's much easier for one's thumb to reach the bass E string. This is also one of the rare bands that has a lead bass instead of lead guitar.
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