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In This Corner - by Zulfiya Atoi

I'd like to do a series of Central Asian women's poetry. We've met Zulfiya before, here's another...

In This Corner
by Zulfiya Atoi
translated from Tajik by Johanna-Hypatia Cybeleia

In this corner there's no friend, no work
I'm quiet, remembering your face
In this corner let me die of loneliness
It's amazing how patient and strong I've been

In this corner everything is exile
Nobody hears news of my doings
To whom shall I tell my sorrow, when girls
Have nothing but passion on their mind

In this corner two or three women on my back
Are calling me a crazy girl
Books and poetry became her water and bread
They say where's the thought of clothes and house

My confidante and companion always
You who are a celebrated poet
How did you find out my nature, my sorrow?

Oh, my friend of delirious imagination
Come sometime, in spring or winter
Give this corner some noise and sparks
For dark eyes that scatter flames

Dar in gusha
az Zulfiya Atoi

dar in gusha na yore u na kore
ba yodi ruyi tu osudaam man
dar in gusha zi tanhoyi bi-murdam
ajab bo sabr u toqat budaam man

dar in gusha hamma ovora khesh
zi kor u bore man kas ro khabar nest
ba kay guyam ghammam, chun dukhtaron ro
ba ghayr az kurta savdoyi ba sar nest

dar in gusha du si zan az qafoyam
maro yak dukhtari devona guftand
kitob u she'r gashta ob u nonash
kujo yodi libos u khona guftand

hamesha rozdon u hamdami man
tu ki yak shoiri ovoza dore
kujo doni sirishti man, ghammi man?

tu ay yori khayoli bekhudiho
biyo bore, bahoron yo zimiston
bi-bakhsh in gusha ro shur u sharore
ba chashmoni siyoh u shu'la afshon
Tags: central asia, central asian women's poetry, muslim women, persian, poetry, translation
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