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We're No Angels - by Zulfiya Atoi

Central Asian Women's Poetry Series #9

We're No Angels
by Zulfiya Atoi
translated from Tajik by Johanna-Hypatia Cybeleia

We're no angels
We're village girls
Thirsty for kindness and fidelity
Our desire is for love

We're no angels
We're heart-giving heart-takers
Sweetie, don't you say
We're fallen from heaven

We're no angels
In our heart is humanity
Happiness, passion, and sadness
The sorrows of humanity

We're no angels
We've captured a lover's heart
Sometimes we've given our hearts freely
Sometimes we've wounded a heart

We're no angels
The hearts in us are restless
Our soul is also our life
Wheat bread is our bread
We're no angels

Mo farishta nestem
az Zulfiya Atoi

Mo farishta nestem
Dukhtari qishloqi mo
Tishnai mehr u vafo
ishq ro mushtoqi mo

Mo farishta nestem
Dilbari dildoda em
Tu ma gu, ay nozanin
Az samo uftoda em

Mo farishta nestem
Dar dili mo odamist
Shodi u suz u ghammist
Dardhoyi odamist

Mo farishta nestem
Qalbi yore burda em
Gah dili khud doda muft
Gah dile ozarda em

Mo farishta nestem
Dil dar mo shurhost
Joni mo ham -- joni mo
Noni gandum -- noni most
Mo farishta nestem
Tags: central asian women's poetry, persian, translation
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